Grow Organic Vegetables

Since childhood we have all been advised by our mothers to consume fresh vegetables and fruits as snacks and not potato chips. Snacking on fruits and vegetables like carrot are much better than having junk as snacks. But in the present times a lot of vegetables have lost their quality. This is because they are not produced in the healthy way.

Vegetables fruits that are procured from the market contain a lot of pesticides. This is why doctors advise not to have them raw. But there is an alternative. If you want to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, you can grow organic vegetables in your gardens. It is an easy thing to do. They have a lot of nutrients that were found in the vegetables of yesteryears.

They taste better than those that are found in the market. You can grow them with organic fertilizer instead of chemical ones which harm your body in the form of pesticides. Organic vegetables will keep you healthy and fit. It is best to grow vegetables on your own and consume them.

The steps to grow some vegetables organically:

Radish: if you are a beginner in the field of gardening, radish is an excellent option to start with. They can be produced in any type of climate. It is possible to grow this vegetable all the year round in places which have temperate climate. They grow quite rapidly. They can grow within four to five weeks.

Radish is usually not affected by and diseases or by pests. You need not be too careful with them. They need ample water if you are growing them in summer season. But so much of water is not required in winter season. You should pick up these veggies as soon as they are somewhat big. Otherwise if they stay on in the fields like that they tend to become hard and woody and lose all their taste.

Capsicum: the growing conditions of capsicum are quite similar to that of chilies. They grow best when climate is warm. If temperatures are very low they will take a long time to grow. They will grow to a maximum length of 80 cm. these are easy to grow vegetables and you can grow them even on pots. You can sow capsicum seeds in boxes during springtime. As they mature, you can transplant them into beds.

You need to fertilize these with organic pellets. These vegetables can be harvested in any season. If you want the fruits to have a higher concentration of vitamin c, you can harvest when they have turned red.

Cherry Tomatoes: tomatoes grow best in cold climates. Cherry tomatoes are the easiest tomatoes to grow. This is why a lot of beginners grow tomatoes when they start off with their gardening. These are excellent vegetables to grow. During harvest time, harvest them as fast as you can. This will ensure that you have plenty of harvest.

Say bye to the unhealthy market vegetables and include home grown organic vegetables in your diet.

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