Grow Your Own Potatoes ? How I Grow Organic Potatoes Using a Low-Effort Gardening Technique

So, I hear want you want to grow your own potatoes? Well, growing them is pretty simple especially if you employ a jungle style gardening technique.

A jungle style gardening technique is perfect for growing lots of organic vegetables without having to exert as much physical energy as conventional gardening methods.

If you’ve been gardening for some time, then I’m sure you’ve gone through all these time-consuming, energy sapping tasks:

(i) Digging.
(ii) Pests management.
(iii) Rotation of crops.
(iv) Managing weeds.

Now, what if you can skip the above and grow your own potatoes and other vegetables as effortlessly as possible?

Look, I have my own 10 by 10 foot organic vegetable garden, and it’s able to self-sustain because it was set up using a micro-ecosystem jungle style gardening technique.  

Note: Video introduction of this technique can be seen via this link.

This technique is ideal for folks who prefer a more hands-off approach when it comes to running an organic vegetable garden.

And the best thing about micro-ecosystem gardening is that it’s capable of producing far more organic food than traditional vegetable garden. On top of that, it’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost a bomb!

Okay listen, here’s how you grow your own potatoes the micro-ecosystem way…

(i) Pathways to the garden plot must be positioned correctly so that you don’t have to step on your garden beds. Basically, you want to be able to access your garden plot without having to step on the beds which can lead to compaction.

(ii) A first-rate composting procedure is essential. When it comes to creating a compost system, I use a simple ‘collect-and-convert’ technique. My way of creating compost is by accumulating nutrients in one form (waste), and converting them into another form (food).

And then I apply the compost on bare areas in my vegetable garden. This provides a steady flow of nutrients to my organic potato plants.

(iii) Plant plenty of edible plants in a compact, jungle-like system. This is the key method of establishing a self-sustaining, ecosystem organic vegetable garden.

This type of planting system is vital for creating a solid micro-climate environment that maximizes food production, and severely limiting the growth of weeds.

By the way, if you’re interested in setting up a self-sustaining, ecosystem garden to grow your own potatoes and other fresh organic vegetables, you can start by viewing comprehensive video instructions.

The easy to follow videos along with detailed project plans are downloadable, and details can be obtained by following this link:

Rob Ethrington