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We often wanted to have our own garden, we usually have flowers, vegetables but there are only a few who are into home herb growing. They are usually built by chefs or people who love to cook. Herbs as we all know are very useful especially to enhance the flavors of our food as well as for cosmetics, for fragrances and medicinal purposes.

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Herbs have their own specific needs and as a grower, one must be able to know what the needs are and how one will be able to grow herbs well. They are like simple plants with simple needs. In terms of light, they need to have a sunny location as much as possible. Most herbs need sunlight, there are only a few who needs a shady location. An average of 6-8 hours exposure to sunlight will be the ideal duration to expose your herbs.

Herbs usually grow best in soft and soil which is composed of organic matter. Usually if a soil is not moist enough then one must put in a lot of compost and moss on top of their soil. One must also take note of the drainage of the soil, water must be well drain enough to avoid a wet environment for the herbs.

In terms of pest control, they are usually helpful but one must take into consideration that if the pests attacking the herbs are already damaging or bringing in more harm than good then it is necessary to take actions against them, but always remember not to use insecticides or other chemicals.

Home herb growing is very much entertaining, if you are not able to make use of your planted herbs for about 2-3 years, better discard them since they lose their quality by that time. Try to learn more about herb growing through research and practice. Have fun!

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