Landscape Accessories

Many well-designed landscapes can be enhanced by the use of landscape accessories. These are items that may not have a functional purpose, but do add beauty and character to a landscape. While many accessories (such as lawn chairs) do offer a measure of utility, many others are only place because of the interest that they bring to a yard. There are many different things that can be done with landscape accessories, and they are so abundant, that the real temptation lies in doing too much.

When choosing your landscape accessories, it is important to focus firstly on how well the accessory fits into your overall landscape design. You want something that blends seamlessly with what is already there, and with what you have planned for the future. While small items such as birdbaths or a piece of driftwood can be incorporated rather easily, there are landscape accessories that should be planned in as part of the design from the beginning. Some of these big details are things like enclosures or stained glass windows, and some larger relief sculptures.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not your desired accessory is beautiful of itself. While something ugly can be interesting, most people prefer to have something that is beautiful and interesting, rather than just interesting. You need to ask yourself whether the object is designed well, whether it would be attractive to look at if it were not in your yard, and whether or not you actually like the accessory. Be sure to choose landscape accessories that you actually like, and that evoke positive responses within yourself. After all, no one wants his or her house to be decorated hideously. Make sure you are comfortable with the accessories that you choose.

Some of the easiest accessories to add to a landscape design are those that are more natural. These blend so well because they are practically a part of the garden or yard to begin with. There are many pieces of driftwood that look interesting. Additionally, it is possible to find driftwood in a variety of colors, including silver, brown, black, and white. Boulders and rocks also make attractive landscape accessories. By carefully places interesting natural objects in your landscape, you can make it more beautiful and enjoyable.

There are also many beautiful objects that are not natural. These landscape accessories include things like outdoor chandeliers, stained glass, and sculpture. It is very important to carefully choose these unnatural items for your yard, as they may look out of place. Well chosen accessories as part of a well designed landscape can look almost natural, but this requires the utmost care when choosing your accessories. Lighting options like dimmers and colored lights or lanterns also make interesting landscape elements. These are not lights needed for safety and convenience, but rather lights designed to be attractive and add beauty to the landscape.

Utilitarian landscape accessories can beautiful and serve a purpose (even thought they may not be an actually part of the landscaping the way a surface or an enclosure is. Some of the most common pieces of useful landscape accessories are lawn and patio furniture. Hammocks, chairs, tables, and umbrellas can all be incorporated to add a nice touch to the over all look of the yard and the home. Be careful to consider each of the pieces that you do make use of, however. Just because it is furniture does not mean that it does not need to look good with the overall landscape design. Other useful landscape accessories include birdbaths and feeders, as well as planting containers. These things are considered accessories because they are not necessary to the landscape (like a lawn is, or trees, or even a conventional vegetable garden), but they do add to the landscape.

The main thing to remember when choosing landscape accessories is not to overdo it. You want to be sure that your accessories enhance the landscape, not clutter it. Many people use so many lawn ornaments that it starts to look kitschy rather than sophisticated or even cute. When you choose the right accessories in the right amounts your home is beautified, and you can enjoy it more.