Make Your Own Seed Tapes

A good friend and I were talking gardening the other day. He mentioned that he was going to go down to his local Agway store and purchase seed tapes this year. He felt it was much easier to plant his garden that way.

Immediately a red flag went up. I asked him does he realize how much seed tapes cost. He really did not care about the cost, all he was concerned about was how neat it make his garden look Ouch!

I suggested that he try something different this year go to his bathroom closet and borrow a roll of toilet tissue. Unspool about 4 feet of tissue and lay it on his kitchen table do this when the wife is not home, she already knows gardeners are a bit touched in the head water spray the tissue lightly, then space your seeds evenly, in the center of the strip, down the length of the tissue take one side of the tissue and fold it just past the strip of seeds. Then take the other side and fold it over the first. HOOAH you now have a seed tape.

Carefully take this tape to your garden lay it on your wide row put the folded side down water it lightly again cover it with some good compost and wait for the seeds to sprout. You now have evenly spaced plants and all it cost was your seeds, which are really inexpensive for what you get in the end, and a length of toilet tissue.