Organic Container Gardening – The 7 Basic Elements You Need to Get Started

There are seven basic elements that is required when it comes to starting your organic container gardening: Plants, Water, Sunlight, Temperature, Nutrients or Fertilizers, Space, and Patience.

Plants are one of the seven basic elements of organic container gardening because it is what you will plant, grow, and harvest. Obviously, it is what organic gardening is all about. Choose plants that you want and desire to grow and harvest. Foodstuffs or big tall trees may all be grown and harvested using pots and containers. Determine what types of plants or crops you prefer and use them wisely.

Water is essential in your organic garden. Make sure to always keep the soil and the plants inside the container moist but never ever submerged them thoroughly in water as that could drown the plant.

Sunlight needs to be given every single day. Make sure to place the pots and containers in an area where there is sunlight. Remove them if it gets too hot as the heat may burn the leaves of the plant and dry the soil in the pot.

It is highly recommended to keep your container grown plants in a steady temperature of about 55 – 75 degrees Celsius. It helps plants keep their moisture and shine. The roots of container placed plants are more sensitive to temperature unlike their ground soil counterparts so make sure to always have a thermometer at hand to test the temperature of the organic garden.

Organic fertilizers such as manure or dung are the best nutrients to give to your plants. They contain no chemical substances that could hinder the flow of nutrients in the plant’s body. They could also be bought in your local gardening stores and shops.

Considering and planning out the space you will use is very vital. Organic container gardening requires not a very large space only enough space to let your plants grow taller. It really depends on the types of plants and crops you would like to grow. So analyze your plant’s growth and widen the space from there if needed to.

The last but definitely one of the most important elements is to be patient! Patience when engaging in gardening determines your success or failure. Do not give up and continue to move on forward. Care for your plants and they will most certainly give you a lot in return.

Melissa McKyler is a work at home mom and has been organic gardening for several years. She loves having fresh safely grown veggies to feed her family and enjoys sharing her knowledge about how to do that with others. For more information about Organic Container Gardening be sure to visit

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