Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual – A FREE Educational Quiz For All Novice Gardeners

I’ve prepared a special organic food gardening beginners manual quiz to help you discover what I truly believe, to be the ultimate method of growing fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Hopefully this quiz would help you gain a good understanding about how to set up and organic vegetable garden using techniques that mimics natural habitat.

A natural habitat style vegetable garden is perfect for beginners because it’s very simple to set up and run. The following quiz will reveal the essential details.

Question 1: What is the best and easiest gardening method for growing your own vegetables?

a. Traditional style gardening method.
b. Ecological gardening method.
c. Oriental style gardening method.

Answer is b. Ecological gardening is a highly efficient way of growing organic food. I tell you, any organic food gardening beginners manual worth its salt should include this wonderful method.

The method requires you to incorporate a few key characteristics of a living, breathing natural ecosystem into your home vegetable garden.

The outcome is a vegetable garden that bears far more fresh organic food than a traditional style garden. And that’s not the only benefit…

Compared to traditional garden, an ecological garden demands only a fraction amount of maintenance effort.

In an ecological garden, toilsome gardening works like cycling crops, resting garden beds, fertilizing, weeding and digging are completely uncalled for. Mother Nature will work in your favor!

Question 2: What is the most vital principle of ecological gardening?

a. Planting a green manure crop for nitrogen-fixing process.
b. Digging soil for a certain number of times each month.
c. Planting a diverse range of plants in tight, jungle-like arrangement.

Answer is c. Planting a variety of edible plants in a dense, jungle-like way will result in a number benefits. I will list the 2 key benefits. The first one is it allows no space for weeds to develop.

Secondly, it will cause your vegetable plants to yield more food and last significantly longer due to the highly-fortified micro-climate induced by ecological gardening’s dense, planting arrangement.  

Question 3: What is the easiest way to learn how to set up an ecological organic vegetable garden?

a. Attend a training course on ecological gardening.
b. Obtain several different versions of organic food gardening beginners manual.
c. View video tutorials on the subject and print out reference guide along with detailed project plan.

Answer is c. Look; I managed to set up an ecological vegetable garden on my own by watching step-by-step video instructions.  And I did it in just 2 days! Videos are good learning tools.

All I had to do was follow the instructions demonstrated in the video tutorials. If the instructions are presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion, you’ll have no trouble setting up your very first ecological garden plot.

Ecological organic food gardening beginners manual complete with video tutorials are available as an all-in-one download format. The easy to follow video tutorials are excellent, but don’t forget to print out the reference manual as well!

If you’re interested, download details for video series and manual can be obtained by following this link:

Rob Ethrington