Organic Gardening for Beginners – What You Ought to Know About Setting Up a Lush Organic Vegetable Garden

I’m sure you’re aware of the tremendous amount of information and guides available on the internet pertaining to organic gardening for beginners.

And if you have managed to wade through some of that information, you’d realise by now that starting an organic vegetable garden takes a TREMENDOUS amount of hard, sweat dripping-work…

But, there’s good news!

What you ought to know right now is that setting up an organic vegetable garden that produces some of the most rounded and juiciest tomatoes, tasty pumpkins, potatoes, cucumber, cabbage, etc can be simple and near effortless once you have the proper techniques in place.

You see, what I’m about to share is without a shred of doubt, the finest method of organic gardening for beginners. Trust me, when it come to making an organic vegetable garden, I can say that I’ve been there, done that!

External note: For visual persons, overview of this technique is presented via video format. It can be seen by simply clicking on this link.

You just name it okay…Things like cycling crops – a technique which many dedicated gardeners employ to avoid the diminution of certain minerals in the soil. Resting the garden beds and planting green manure crop for the purpose of adding nitrogen and so on.

Of course, there are the typical gardening tasks like applying chemicals to ward off pests, digging soil, pulling out weeds, etc.

So there you go. The work it takes to set up an organic vegetable garden and maintaining it so that it would flourish maximally is tremendous.

However, if you build a vegetable garden using principles and techniques of ecological gardening, you absolutely DO NOT have to perform all those physical numbing tasks.

Yes indeed…ecological organic gardening for beginners is the way forward and it works like a charm.

See, the truth is in ecological gardening, you need not spend more than 8 hours per year tending to your garden plot. The majority of the work is done during the set up process.

What ecological gardening does is imitate the workings of natural ecosystem… Creating an organic vegetable that produces far more food than traditional gardening techniques and needs far less maintenance activities.

The primary rules of setting up an ecological organic garden are as follows…

You need to plant many varieties of edible plants in a very dense arrangement to prevent weeds from growing in niche spaces.

The vast number of edible plants planted compactly will help increase nitrogen quantity, thus eliminates the need for planting green manure crop. This also acts as a natural form of pests’ management.

Compost is generously applied on bare areas to fortify soil structure and also for topping up nitrogen.

Some plants are permitted to go to seed to further prevent weeds from growing. When a niche space appears due to harvesting or consumption, another edible plant will take up the space.

The finest technique of organic gardening for beginners has gotten easier to setup thanks to a set of easy to follow video tutorials. Make sure you watch the downloadable videos on how to set it up properly and also print out the detailed step-by-step manual.

Download details for videos and manual can be found by following this link:

Rob Ethrington