Organic Herb Garden – Make Your Organic Herb Garden Fit Into Your Budget

An organic herb garden should be planned well before you get the kits and the seeds. Planning will include deciding the budget and this budget should be well thought out so that you will know how much you need to spend on it. Usually once you have established a garden it will grow on its own with very low maintenance.

Organic manure will cost a lot if you buy it from a garden center as a lot of effort goes into making and packaging it. A better option is having a compost pit in the garden. It can be covered so as not to ruin the look of the garden. Covering it will also hold the moisture in. All the kitchen waste, leaves, cut grass, etc. can go into it and make a very good fertilizer for your organic herb garden.

Getting an herb garden kit will cost a lot. Instead, you can look at some herb gardens and use easily available material to grow them in. Growing the herbs from seeds is much cheaper than growing them from plants. It is easier to grow plants which grow naturally in the area. Plants which are not accustomed to the climate of your region will need more attention and care.

Buy plants from sales at botanical gardens. You will get the plants for cheaper and this will help fit more plants into your budget. While buying plants, make sure the plants are healthy and disease free or healthy plants in the house may catch the disease resulting in a lot of loss.

An outdoor organic herb garden is cheaper than an indoor one as you don’t have to invest on pots or other containers. If you are planning on an outdoor patch then make sure you plan well. In a patch, make sure the herbs with large leaves don’t block the sunlight for smaller herbs. Optimal growth should be allowed and a little research will help a lot.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard to grow your herbs, pots are ideal. Stackable ones can save more space and are widely used. Balconies and window sills are ideal as ample light can reach the herbs. A healthy organic herb garden will require less care and hence save you a lot. When you buy containers buy good quality ones which will last a long time and look good too. If you don’t want to buy these containers, you can save by using an old pail or anything that can hold enough soil. Make a hole at the bottom to allow excess water drain out.

An organic garden is not expensive and with a little planning you can make it fit into any budget. You can even increase the size of your organic herb garden bit by bit and not spend too much on it at a time. This will help you give more attention to the new ones as the old herbs will grow just fine once they are a few weeks old. A herb garden will be worth every effort you put into it.

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