Organic Plant Food From Compost Bin

Compost Bin is ideal for the green thumbs. After mowing, raking and shoveling the green-thumbs can stuff their biodegradable wastes into this compost maker for recycling. You do not have to worry about the dried leaves and twigs or branches that have fallen to the ground so all is kept tidy and organized. The things inside this receptacle can be transformed into healthy plant food which is also good for the soil.

The nutritious humus produced by composting is not only an integral part of rich soil but also the least expensive soil conditioner available. It is the easiest to get because you create it yourself. Plants will not be properly nourished without organic fertilizers no matter how much love and care you lavished on them. Compost Bin provides good aeration thought is sealed. Good aeration is very important for proper composting to so that you can produce the humus that you need out of the wastes in side your bin.

Compost is a very healthy plant food and does not contain toxin that the soil and plants can absorb. One of the basic ingredients of the compost heap is nitrogen. The nitrogen-rich elements are from the common food that you see everyday which are mostly fresh, green forms of vegetable matter, such as kitchen peelings, green leaves, and grass clippings. The other basic ingredients of good compost are carbon, oxygen and water. Paper is rich in carbon as well as some green materials, but an effective heap requires at least twice as much.

The regular turning of the receptacle enhances high temperature and adds fresh oxygen, which reacts with nitrogen to provide more heat. In due time, the result should be a dark-colored and pleasant-smelling food ready for mixing into the garden soil. The natural interplay of all these elements inside the receptacle combined with the inherent heat produced by microbial activity results into breaking down of the organic matter.

Compost Bin helps produce the food plants need. It can effectively produce this type of healthy plant food which can also help in the preservation of the environment. The plants are also part of the eco-system that must be nourished. The more organic fertilizers this receptacle can make, the healthier the garden soil will be which will benefit the plants.

People with green thumb can never do without Compost Bin. These serve as nutrition for the plants they nurture. It could make it grow green and healthy and it could be an inexpensive way to produce fertilizers to these plants. To know more about it, simply visit