The Best Way To Treat A Raised Scar, Aside From Seeing A Professional ? Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Scars Using Natural Methods

I have a very small raised scar, (a scab peeled off two weeks ago from today) will it lower in time or can I take steps to make it lower and blend? Anyways, my question is: What is the best way to treat a raised scar, aside from seeing a professional?

If you are in the same situation like the guy who asked the above question, then this article will help you out. To start with, you should know that Scars can take up to two years to completely heal, so a dermatologist would probably want you to wait a bit before trying any advanced treatments (i.e. laser resurfacing). Exfoliate your skin twice a week!

One of the best the best way to get rid of a raised scar is to go to a drug store and buy Mederma or the store brand scar remover. In about a week or so you will see such a huge difference and the scar will fade. But you should also take note that scars are treated according to many different factors such as age, thinness etc. is it a keloid or a hypertrophic scar? Keloid needs an intrakeloidal steroid injection.

However, I really don’t think any of the over the counter scar treatment creams really work (such as Mederma). It is widely recognized that wounds heal best under moist conditions — the skin fills in faster and scars are less visible. So you might want to try petroleum jelly.

Vitamin E: you can also try out vitamin e on your scars. You can get it as oil, and is very cheap. Just spread it on the burned area, and it’ll speed up healing time AND minimize scarring. A burn that size though should probably be looked at by a doctor: that’s a lot of injured skin, prone to infection, and any skin infection will obviously increase the likelihood of a scar.

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