The Creation Of Organic Gardening Compost

Organic container gardening and other types of organic gardening can all benefit from the creation of organic gardening compost so that nutrients can be added to the garden on a regular basis. It is not difficult to create an organic gardening compost pile, but it does require individuals to choose an appropriate place for the pile and to maintain it on a regular basis.

This compost can be added to the garden as well as adding it to the lawn so that the nutrients in the compost pile are absorbed into the ground and allow the garden and lawn to be healthier and stronger, while being organic and healthy for the life and environment around these areas.

Leaves and Grass

An organic gardening compost pile can easily be started in a remote area of the yard. The reason it should be in a remote area is because the pile is unsightly, being composed of raw materials that are slowly decomposing to make the rich soil. For this reason, the organic gardening compost pile is often nestled amidst some trees or bushes in a remote area of the yard so that it does not take away from the landscaping but remains readily available to be added to or to have the rich soil taken from it.

Once a place is chosen for the organic gardening compost pile, then it can be started by using grass clippings from the lawn or by using leaves that have been raked from the yard. These materials should be piled together so that they can begin to settle and decompose in the pile, thus creating the rich soil beneath it which can be used to help to fertilize the yard.

Once the main pile has been created, the organic gardening compost pile can be maintained by added more materials to it on a regular basis. These materials do not have to be only grass clippings or leaves. Household materials can also be added to the pile provided that they are of organic materials such as paper, vegetable leftovers, fruit peels, and other organic waste materials.

The bigger the variety of materials that are used to maintain the pile, the bigger the variety of nutrients that are available in the rich compost soil beneath the organic gardening compost pile. In addition to creating the rich soil beneath it, the soil also attracts insects that can be used in the garden as well to help to aerate the soil and fertilize it, such as earthworms, so that the garden is kept healthier as a result.

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