The Inorganic and Organic Methods of Vegetable Home Gardening

It has been the “in thing” to state that organic home gardening being the only method, that is safe environmentally as far as growing your vegetables. Some methods of organic home gardening do have their benefits. There are also several commercial and traditional compounds that have been proven effective and safe when correctly used. With some methods of inorganic and organic compounds it can be hard to tell the difference.

Manure makes for a great fertilizer for a number of things. It gives the soil good amount of nitrogen, which helps numerous vegetable grow better. But there is an odor to it, and some toxic effects for humans, this can be a negative. The droppings from birds and other animal waste many times can have parasites or viruses, which can cause harm to animals and humans. But when used correctly this is an excellent aid. But in nature things are not always beneficial. You must be careful with manure if you are going to use it.

Compost that is made up of straw, leaves, grass, leftover food, and other things that decay can be a great additive for the soil too. But your piles of compost can attract unwanted insects that like to eat the organic matter that is decaying. So be careful when using it to prepare your home garden for growing vegetables.

Controlling insects biologically is another popular choice of organic gardeners. There are several advantages. Pest and insect colonies can be controlled by adding their predators, who will consume the insects that do harm, but will not consume the vegetables. This cuts down the need to use the chemical insecticide that are artificially based. It will take some research to know, which of the predators will benefit your garden, making sure they will not eat your vegetables too, you may also need to adjust this from time to time.

Planting crops as traps to attract the insects to a plant to be sacrificed, instead of your vegetables, is an additional method of controlling insects biologically. This also reduces the use of the artificially-based chemicals to control the pests and insects, or having to accept an lower turn out on your harvest due to the damage from insects. But the crops require time, water, space, fertilizer, and more, you could get more vegetables planted instead.

It is fact that some of the chemical compounds that are contained in several insecticides have there basis in nature. In fact there is no source that isn’t natural. All the chemicals that are artificially-based that are used in gardening start off as compounds in nature.

An example is pyrethrum, that is a base of a very popular method of insecticide. Wasp spray and other sprays has this in it and it has a wide array of other uses. This actually comes from the pyrethrum flower blossom. Many people actually think this is just a pesticide that is artificial in nature, but it originates with a totally natural plant.

To contrast take nicotine, which is a chemical that is naturally organic and it utilized for an insecticide. It is highly effective too. But it can be toxic to dogs, wild animals, and humans. It has to be used very carefully. Again the term “organic” or “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean that something is always safe.

A good soil protector is organic, natural mulch. Wood chips, leaves, and other substances in nature can hold in moisture, prevent weeds from growing, and keep insects away. Black plastic can be used for an artificial mulch. It is quite effective for controlling weeds. It will not damage the environment, either due to the fact that is never decays or has any toxic fumes. This can also assist you in controlling pest by enhancing irradiation by the sun.

It is up to you which of these methods you use. But remember that in the last 50 years chemistry has improved greatly. When used correctly modern chemicals are environmentally safe, and safe for the people who eat the vegetables grown with them. If you so choose though the modern and traditional organic type methods can play a role in successful vegetable gardening methods.

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